Carlucci International’s unique VitaBond complex was specifically designed with essential oils and vitamins that work in harmony with one another to provide nourishment to your damaged hair and to promote healthy new hair growth.

The Vita bond Complex starts with a green-tea infused water solution. This water solution contains a well-balanced blend of vitamins from sources such as Grapeseed, Acai Berry, Pomegranate and Blueberry extracts – chosen for their ability to protect and beautify the hair and scalp, moisturize and strengthen color-treated and unprocessed natural hair. To this solution, we added Vitamins E and C to protect hair DNA from free radicals, color damage, and UV radiation while also preventing lipid peroxidation.

How do we make that work?

Vitamin B6 stimulates hair growth while Vitamin B6 maintains proper moisture. Vitamin B3 serves a dual purpose; stimulating blood circulation to the skin and activating oxygen transportation to the hair follicles.

Carlucci’s VitaBond Complex has combined nature’s best with tried-and-true science to produce results that are truly miraculous. We rolled up our sleeves and went to work to put forth the best possible product for you, our beloved consumers. We want you to be confident in yourself and not only look your best, but feel your best as well, and what better way to help you achieve that goal than with silky smooth, luscious locks that are constantly pampered to perfection with love.

“Love the Carlucci Rejuvenate products! I have very thick, long, color treated hair that could dry out easily, but these products keep my hair incredibly soft, smooth, and shiny. A little bit of the conditioners and hair oil goes a long way. The scent is also very fresh and pleasant. Give it a try!” –Alanna Amazon Review