Ever since Angel Haircare came to the United States, For Your Eyes Only Salon and Spa has relied on Angel products to help us serve the needs of our wonderful clients and we’ve been supporters of Angel since day one.

At For Your Eyes Only, we use the Marine Depth Spa Shampoo that is enriched with ‘weak’ acid ingredients, to stabilize your hair color and keep it at it’s peak while leaving a vibrant, healthy, lustrous shine on your new ‘do. To serve the wide range of our clients’ needs, the Marine Depth Spa Shampoo has three different formulas to The Marine Depth Spa Conditioner — derived from natural deep sea plants — forms a natural layer to keep your hair moisturized and smooth.

Angel Hair Products

The versatility from the Thickening Conditioner allows us the opportunity to give your hair that fuller look and feel you’ve been longing for. A healthy balance of seaweed, wheat-based amino acids and moisturizers, the thickening conditioner by Angel will give you the strongest, healthiest, most resilient locks you’ve ever had.

Ask one of our hair professionals during your next appointment for more information on these or any other Angel products you may be interested during your next appointment.

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