If you are someone that is overly attached to your long hair, then you likely are very conscious of dead ends. Chances are if you have spent many years bleaching, straightening, etc then you earned your dead ends.
Dried, brittle, and frayed fringe that can result from a variety of things: extreme weather, chemical processing and/or dyeing, or from heat styling. That doesn’t include hot tools like flat irons and curling rods, but also traditional blow dryers, too. The good news is there are ways to deal with your dead ends.

One way to spot dead ends is my simply attempting to detangle your hair while it is wet. If your hair strands begin to stretch out like gum then your ends are dead and you should stop what you are doing immediately. Another way is if you are wearing a dark colored shirt and have bleached hair your will be able to identify the dead ends. You also might notice small bits of hair that shed all over the shirt. Another sign you have dead ends.

Dead Ends vs. Split Ends

Split ends feel soft while dead ends have a rough dry texture. Dead ends are likely to break when you run your brush through them, and split ends will not. It is also ok to detangle your hair when it is wet if you have split ends, it is not a good idea to do when you have dead ends. Dead ends will stretch and ultimately break more, damaging the entire hair’s cuticle in the process.

Although there’s no quick way to remedy your strands of dead ends without a proper cut at the salon, there are a number of bottled solutions. Ranging from shampoo-and-conditioner duos to hair masks and styling products, there several options that’ll conceal your dead ends.

Our personal favorite is from Carlucci. Fortify Hair Care System, featuring our unique Vitabond Complex. If you think you have dead ends then please contact us to schedule an appointment. We can get your hair back to being happy, healthy, and beautiful.