As mentioned in part one of this series there are hair mistakes that age you faster are easy to make. Luckily these hair mistakes that age you faster are also easy to fix! In this part 2 video there are 5 more mistakes that people make that are causing your hair to look older and robbing your overall appearance of a youthful look.

You should realize that picking the right style for your hair plays a huge role in looking more youthful. This video reveals a small styling trick that makes a huge impact when it comes to hair color. You’ll learn some tips for addressing the cowlick in the crown of your head and why it’s important to pay attention to it.

5 More Common Hair Mistakes That Make People Look Older

1. Not Paying Enough Attention To How Much Styling Will Be Necessary For A New Style
2. Not Changing Your Makeup To Match Your New Hair Color
3. Not Addressing The Cowlick In Your Crown
4. Not Picking The Right Hairstyle For Your Personality
5. Making A Decision On You Hair Based On A “Certain Age”

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