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Our Valuable Team Members

Carlos Alvarado
Carlos AlvaradoOwner
Birthday: June 12
Favorite Food: Mexican – Italian
Favorite Stress Relief: Jazz Music
Pets: Coco & Miss Kitty

Proud owner of For Your Eyes Only since November 4, 1985. It has been my pleasure to service the hair care needs of North Florida for 35 years.

Lakeithia Foster
Lakeithia FosterCosmetology Specialist
Dob: October 29th
Fav Food: American Chinese
Fav Stress Relief : Listening to Music, sleeping, swimming and laughing
Fav Movie: Matilda/ATL
Fav Music: Anything with a good beat but mostly Rap/R&B
Ultimate Vacation: Germany/Egypt

Lakeithia is from Atlanta, GA. She has lived in Jacksonville, FL for 7 years. She attended American Academy of Cosmetology and became a Full Specialist. Her skills include Gel, Acrylic, Pedicures and Facials. She loves making clients feel good and educating them about their service.

SarahCosmetic Tattooist
Birthday: July 13
Favorite Music: BPM
Ultimate Vacation: Brazil
Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids
Favorite Stress Relief: Going to the Gym
Favorite Cuisine: Mediterranean

I specialize in cosmetic tattoos and lash extensions. A consultation is a great way to ensure what is right for you. Visit the spa page for more information on these services. I look forward to enhancing your image!

NickHair Stylist
Birthday: June 13th
Favorite Music: Everything but Hip-Hop
Ultimate Vacation: Life abroad, road trips with lots of fishing
Favorite Movie: The Post Man, Signs, Lady in the Water
Favorite Stress Relief: Deep Sea Fishing
Favorite Cuisine: All

Nick has been doing hair for 27 years. He specializes color perming, women’s, men’s and kid’s cuts. He believes that you deserve the best in life and that you are capable of becoming so much more! He’s dedicated his entire life to helping people. He welcomes every opportunity to help you look your best as well!

DavidHair Stylist
Birthday: April 17
Favorite Restaurant: Bern’s Steakhouse (Tampa)
Ultimate Vacation: Diving the Great Barrier Reef
Favorite Hobbies: Travel, Scuba, Photography, Exotic Cars
Favorite Stress Relief: Exercise
Favorite Cuisine: Thai Food

David has over 25 years of hands on professional styling experience. Once seated, you will know that you are with the best in the industry! He specializes in Keratin treatments, Brazilian Blowout, Balayaga, Color-Melting, Color Correction, Grey Reduction, Wedding and Special Occasion Styles.

He always maintains his standards in keeping with the latest trends and training.

GailHair Stylist
Birthday: November 20th
Favorite Music: R&B/Old School
Ultimate Vacation: Paris
Favorite Movie: The Five Heartbeats
Favorite Stress Relief: Breathing Exercise
Favorite Cuisine: Italian

Gail was born in Warner Robins, Georgia. She attended AAA Midwest Beauty Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Has been an employee with FYEO for 11 years and specializes in total hair care, seeing the transformation being created into a work of art. She specializes in total hair care from precision cuts, curls, color highlighting, straightening and relaxing all hair types.

Birthday: November 1
Favorite Stress Relief: The Outdoors
Ultimate Vacation: Bora Bora, French Polynesian Islands
Favorite Cuisine: American, Seafood
Pets: Geckos, Fish, Dogs, Bearded Dragon

Shanna, a mom of three lovely boys. After 13 years of being a stay at home mom, she decided to follow her passion. She is now a seasoned professional hairstylist for over 10 years with FYEO. She loves her position, her co-workers and is very blessed to able to do what she loves to do and make others happy.

LarisaHair Stylist
Birthday: June 24
Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden
Ultimate Vacation: France
Favorite Hobbies: Doing Hair
Favorite Stress Relief: Working Out
Favorite Movie: Day After Tomorrow

Larisa born in Russia. She brings over 12 years hair styling professionalism to her extensive list of clients. A color specialist that loves to make people look and feel beautiful. When seated in her chair, she will make you comfortable and know you’re special.

KimHair Stylist
Birthday: November 22nd
Favorite Music: Whatever my client likes
Ultimate Vacation: The beach
Favorite Movie: Whatever my client likes
Favorite Stress Relief: The beach
Favorite Cuisine: Seafood

Kimberly has had a passion for the hair and beauty industry her entire life. She has been licensed for more than 8 years and has lived in three different states. In that time she has mastered skills in long hair cutting, updos, and make-up. She specializes in color, including foils/balayage, ombre, color corrections, gray coverage and etc. She will really listen to your needs and makes your hair care a priority. She will personally give you the knowledge you deserve with your hair care. You will leave with beautiful and more manageable hair guaranteed.

Genesis Estes
Genesis EstesHair Stylist
Birthday: May 15
Favorite Stess Relief: Camping
Favorite music: Instrumental
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride
Favorite Cuisine: Mom’s Dominican cooking
Favorite Vacation: Anywhere in the mountains

Genesis has been a profession in the hair industry for over 15 years.
Throughout her career she has taken all opportunities to advance in her craft to better assist each guest in transforming their vision to reality. Genesis absolutely loves and specializes in color correction, highlights, razor and creative haircuts. She looks forward to connecting and consulting with each guest in order to achieve and maintain their desired look and make them feel even more beautiful than before.

AustinHair Stylist
Birthday: March 14
Favorite Restaurant: Enza’s
Ultimate Vacation: Bora Bora
Favorite Movie: TED
Favorite Stress Relief: Surfing and Fishing
Favorite Cuisine: Thanksgiving

I have been doing hair for about eight years now. I am a color specialist and a perfectionist when it comes to cuts. I am a Pisces and love the ocean. I like hiking, snowboarding, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. I’m always smiling and love to keep up with my craft. I can be found at hair shows at least twice a month.

PaulHair Stylist
Birthday: October 11th
Favorite Music: Santana
Ultimate Vacation: Hawaii
Favorite Movie: Rocky
Favorite Stress Relief: Gym, Exercise, Swim
Favorite Cuisine: Authentic Mexican

Paul completed his licensure at Roffler Barber & Cosmetology College in 1989. With over 25 years of experience, his skills include precision cutting, creative and corrective coloring. Additional ongoing training allows for a unique conceptual perspective that caters to the professional, as well as edgy individual.

JewelHair Stylist
Birthday: October 22
Favorite music: Hip-hop
Ultimate vacation: anything tropical
Favorite stress relief: Beach / Swimming
Favorite cuisine: all food
Favorite Tv show: Friends / New girl

Jewel was born and raised in Syria, moved to Jacksonville Florida when she was 16. Went to Paul Mitchell The School in Jacksonville and started working at FYEO right after she graduated Cosmetology school. Specializing in Balayage, hair coloring and cutting.

LihnNail Technician
Birthday: July 20th
Favorite Stress Relief: Drinking Water
Ultimate Vacation: Vietnam
Favorite Hobby: Vietnamese Music
Favorite Cuisine: Vietnamese Food

Lihn has been doing nails for 15 years. She specializes in SNS, Shellac and Gel. She has lived in Jacksonville for 22 years. She takes the extra step to make sure you are satisfied to the fullest.

TatumHair Stylist
Birthday: August 10th
Favorite stress relief: the beach
Ultimate vacation: Cancún
Favorite cuisine: Mexican
Favorite movie: 50 first dates

Tatum attended Paul Mitchell the school and specializes in anything to do with color from balayage, highlights and ombré. Hair and make up has always been her passion and there is nothing better than making her clients feel beautiful after leaving her chair.

Newal Chakir
Newal ChakirLicensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician and Reiki Master
Birthday: August 14th
Favorite stress relief: Belly Dancing
Ultimate vacation: Cancún
Favorite cuisine: Mediterranean
Favorite music: Soul / Meditation

My name is Nawal Chakir, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician and Reiko Master. Through continuous education I’m constantly thriving to provide my precious clients with necessary treatment to spend up their healing process. My background in European massage, Therapeutic stretching and energy work guarantees a high success rate.