You’ve probably heard the phrase, “relax or your hair will fall out.” You may have dismissed it because you think it can’t possibly be true. Unfortunately in this case it is true. Extreme stress can lead to hair loss. Now reading that could stress you out, but we want to help you avoid that. We will explain to you why and how this happens and the best way to avoid it.

Now that you are sufficiently freaked out you need to know that when we say extreme stress we mean just that. This isn’t to be confused with a little stressed out about a job interview or some kind of test you have to pass. There is several factors that can contribue to hair loss including: genetics, the environment, your overall health, and also, stress.

There are several hair loss conditions women can suffer from. Alopecia Areata is hair loss in patches, it’s mostly due to your genetics but it can also be triggered by severe stress. While hair loss from stress isn’t incredibly common, severe stress can play a part in your hair health. It’s important to know how to combat your stress and keep your hair happy and healthy.

Tips to Reduce Stress

  1. Relax – do some yoga, take a bath, look at cat memes on IG, or visit our Spa for relaxation treatment.
  2. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. This can cause breakage and can pull hair out.
  3. Use a Thickening shampoo if you feel your hair is getting thinner.

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