Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

December 20th, 2021|0 Comments

Any massage works wonders to relax your body, but the hot stone therapy has a deep relaxing effect. Natural basalt stones are used for the therapy in which the stones are first heated in water. Since basalt has a high iron content it allows the stone to hold heat for longer, it gets slowly transferred to the body.

What Is An Oxygen Lift Facial

December 6th, 2021|0 Comments

The Oxygen Lift facial is an incredible, luxurious anti-ageing facial that uses natural, paraben free ingredients to infuse oxygen, peptides, plant-derived stem cells and a high concentration of botanical enzymes, resulting in a refreshed, luminous, more youthful looking skin.

How to Revive Your Hair

November 22nd, 2021|0 Comments

Is your hair looking tired and out of date? Want a new look for the holidays? There are solutions available to bring life back to your hair. Here is some helpful advice that can help [...]

How to Avoid Bad Hair Days

November 8th, 2021|0 Comments

Bad hair days can be the stuff of nightmares. We’ve all been there at 7am, desperately trying to cram our hair into a messy bun after applying half a bottle of dry shampoo. It’s just [...]