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Carlos Alvarado, owner of the For Your Eyes Only Salon in Jacksonville Florida since November 4, 1985. He placed 8th in the 28th World Hairdressing Championships Men’s hairstyling competition and retained his “top ten hairdressers in the world” status which he has held since.

How to Avoid Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days can be the stuff of nightmares. We’ve all been there at 7am, desperately trying to cram our hair into a messy bun after applying half a bottle of dry shampoo. It’s just not what you want in the morning. So, to help you avoid any future disasters, we’ve put together some tips [...]

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Are Hair Straighteners Safe For Your Hair

Hair straighteners are more popular than ever. the question is, are high temperature straightening techniques safe for your hair? Well, not necessarily. Actually, if you aren't careful it could be destructive and totally ruin our hair. Best Tips for Using a Hair Straightener: 1. Check the heat distribution of the hair straightener – Some hair [...]

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Should You Get Color or Highlights?

Many people would like to add some pizzazz to their hairstyle with a professional hair coloring service but don’t know which service would be best for them. And who could fault them? I mean, with so many coloring services available, it does get very confusing when it comes to deciding which color technique to choose. [...]

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How to Get Rid of Dead Ends

If you are someone that is overly attached to your long hair, then you likely are very conscious of dead ends. Chances are if you have spent many years bleaching, straightening, etc then you earned your dead ends. Dried, brittle, and frayed fringe that can result from a variety of things: extreme weather, chemical processing [...]

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Can Stress Make Your Hair Fall Out?

You've probably heard the phrase, "relax or your hair will fall out." You may have dismissed it because you think it can't possibly be true. Unfortunately in this case it is true. Extreme stress can lead to hair loss. Now reading that could stress you out, but we want to help you avoid that. We [...]

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