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How to Get Rid of Dead Ends

If you are someone that is overly attached to your long hair, then you likely are very conscious of dead ends. Chances are if you have spent many years bleaching, straightening, etc then you earned your dead ends. Dried, brittle, and frayed fringe that can result from a variety of things: extreme weather, chemical processing [...]

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Can Stress Make Your Hair Fall Out?

You've probably heard the phrase, "relax or your hair will fall out." You may have dismissed it because you think it can't possibly be true. Unfortunately in this case it is true. Extreme stress can lead to hair loss. Now reading that could stress you out, but we want to help you avoid that. We [...]

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What is The VitaBond Complex Formula?

Carlucci International’s unique VitaBond complex was specifically designed with essential oils and vitamins that work in harmony with one another to provide nourishment to your damaged hair and to promote healthy new hair growth. The Vita bond Complex starts with a green-tea infused water solution. This water solution contains a well-balanced blend of vitamins from [...]

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Why Choose Carlucci Professional Hair Products?

A new era in hair care demands a new line of products created to meet the specific and high-performance needs of the modern day salon customer. Carlos Alvarado’s distinct vision to utilize the latest in science and technology and couple it with the best of nature helped bring the Carlucci line of professional hair care [...]

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“It’s very easy to produce High quality products at High cost; Our challenge is to produce High quality products at Low cost.”

Ever since Angel Haircare came to the United States, For Your Eyes Only Salon and Spa has relied on Angel products to help us serve the needs of our wonderful clients and we’ve been supporters of Angel since day one. At For Your Eyes Only, we use the Marine Depth Spa Shampoo that is enriched [...]

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Santa Duties Got You Stressed? Come De-Stress with Massage and Scalp Therapy

During the Holiday season, while it’s more common to think of the wonderful time spent with friends and family sharing homemade goods and surprising one another with thoughtful gifts, don’t underestimate the stress that comes with the holiday season. According to a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association, 69 percent are stressed by [...]

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