Hair straighteners are more popular than ever. the question is, are high temperature straightening techniques safe for your hair? Well, not necessarily. Actually, if you aren’t careful it could be destructive and totally ruin our hair.

Best Tips for Using a Hair Straightener:

1. Check the heat distribution of the hair straightener – Some hair straighteners, mostly cheaper ones with metal plates, have an uneven temperature among the surface of the plates. Your hair could be severely damaged if one end of the plate has a temperature of 350f and the other of 400f. High quality hair straighteners with ceramic plates usually have an even distribution of the heat.

2. Check the quality of the temperature control function – Hair straighteners with ceramic plates usually heat up and cool down quickly, which gives you a better control. You should also make sure that you can choose from a wide selection of temperatures.

3. A low temperature is not effective- A hair straightener which has a max temperature of about 300f will be less effective – Your hair style may not last through the day.

4. Do not use the hair straightener when you don’t need it – Using the hair straightener on a daily basis may harm your hair. Try giving your hair a day off at least once a week.

5. Use hair oils to protect your hair – An excessive use of the hair straightener may dry your hair out. Use oils to protect your hair.

6. Use Hair straighteners with advanced technologies such as infra red radiation and ionic technology – These technologies protect your hair and can even improve the condition of your hair. High quality hair straighteners which have both technologies will keep your hair in the best condition.

Hair straighteners are as safe as any other hair style treatment – Use them wisely and carefully and enjoy the feeling of a straight smooth hair.